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Addis Ababa’s Morning Surprises

At three o’clock in the morning on Tuesday December 27th, in Yeka district, near Megenagna, a double pronged pole supporting a transformer fell to the ground. Fortunately, there were no injuries due to the accident. The only victim of the accident was an unlucky taxi parked near the pole. The taxi now rests by the side of the road, safely covered with a blue plastic tarpaulin. But even beneath the dusty covering, the damage to the car is still visible.

The taxi is owned by Dereje Aman, who has owned the taxi for about five years. Initially purchased for 70,000 Br, the car is now almost beyond repair.

“I am not an expert. But the car is ruined,” says Dereje.

The fallen transformer did lead to a power outage in the area, although that was fixed by later on Tuesday morning. The fallen telephone pole and the transformer were cleared out of the road in order to ease the flow of morning rush hour traffic. The reason for the pole’s collapse has still not been cleared up, according to officials from Ethiopian Electric Utility, although the matter is being investigated.

For now, Dereje will have to wait for the results of the official investigation. In the meantime, he is waiting to hear from his insurance company on Monday. In addition, Dereje has also asked for compensation from the city authorities.

“I still don’t know when I’ll get anything. They said they are still processing everything,” he added.

Source: Addis Fortune Newspaper


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