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BREAKING: Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed declares participation in Ethiopia’s upcoming 2020 elections

Oromo activist and OMN head Jawar Mohammed has announced that he will run in Ethiopia’s 2020 elections during his first stop in Minneapolis, Minnesota on his “The Next Frontier” tour around the US and Europe.

According to Kadiro Elemo, who was present at the meeting, summarized that Jawar’s speech was “directed to the [Ethiopian] government, he said the government cannot rig the elections, and Ethiopians’ shoulders cannot carry dictatorship anymore.He also noted the current federal dispensation is the only way to move forward. Ethiopians will have the chance to choose between a unitary Ethiopian under the medemer philosophy and a multinational federated Ethiopia. We fight for the self rule in our homeland and the shared rule at the federal level. He’ll be the first person to fight if any person from Oromia tries [to] oppress nations and nationalities of the country.”

It is not yet clear whether Jawar will join one of the existing parties or form a new party of his own. Jawar is scheduled to make his next stop in Atlanta on Saturday November 16, 2019.

Below is the live video [in Afaan Oromo] from OMN of the “Conversation with Jawar Mohammed about Ethiopia’s Political Transition & the way Forward”

OMN: Marii Haala Yeroo Irratti Jawaar Mohammaad Hawaasa Minnesota Woliin

OMN: Marii Haala Yeroo Irratti Jawaar Mohammaad Hawaasa Minnesota Woliin

Posted by Oromia Media Network on Friday, November 15, 2019

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